Feminist Friendly Podcasts

I  discovered some pretty great feminist podcasts so you don’t have to! Enjoy.

Call Your Girlfriend
with Ann Friedman and Aminatu Sow

Ann and Aminatu are two long-distance besties who discuss politics, pop culture, menstruation, race/gender/class, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and many many other things.  It’s like listening in on an conservation by people you don’t know but want to go to Cancun with.

Another Round
with Heben and Tracy

Heben and Tracy are two badass black women who work for Buzzfeed, which produces this podcast.  Like Call your Girlfriend, they discuss more “serious” topics like squirrels, racism, male strippers, pop culture, etc.  They also interview many awesome people (Roxane Gay, Brandy, Melissa Harris-Perry, etc), and have segments like “Buy a Round,” “Tracy’s Joke of the Week,” “Heben’s White Guy Name Quiz,” “What Had Happened Was,””Drunken Debates,” etc.

Women of the Hour
with Lena Dunham

Even though this podcast is hosted by Lena Dunham, it is not exclusively about her or done by her.  There are 5 episodes about topics like work, love, friendships, bodies, etc.  Every episode has quest speakers throughout the entire podcast who take up the space such as Janet Mock, Jenni Konner, Miranda July, Hari Nef, the gynecological nurse Lola Pellegrino, Aidy Bryant, Emma Stone, Zadie Smith, and many more. While Lena may be a “problematic white feminist,” she allows the privileged space she occupies to be taken up by people who may not have that privilege.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

This podcast pretty much covers it all regarding every kind of  woman.  It has episodes regarding sexual health, mental health, history, acne, maternity fashion, feminist witchcraft, mastectomy tattoos, and much much more!

Popaganda & Backtalk
by Bitch Media

The hour-long show Popaganda digs deep on movies, books, TV, and media while Backtalk is a snappy conversation between two Bitch editors about the week’s pop culture!  (They are both really good!)


Have any others? Let us know- we’d love to know what other feminist podcasts you’re listening to.

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