LaDonna Harris: Indian 101 (9/21)

Hey Fems!

This week at our meeting we screened the movie LaDonna Harris: Indian 101. It’s a documentary about Harris, an extremely influential Comanche activist who worked tireless as a civil and Native American rights leader.


Harris worked on Native American activism from Oklahoma to Washington, D.C. She helped work on policy including tribal land return claims, education and healthcare, ending job discrimination against women, and protecting environmental resources for tribes. She is the founder and president of Americans for Indian Opportunity.

Native Americans suffer from many of the same issues as many other marginalized populations, including high rates of poverty, unemployment and lack of educational opportunity. Native Americans are forced to deal with issues of how to maintain and pass on traditional religious beliefs, languages and cultures without fear of discrimination. In the past and the present, Native Americans have to struggle with government suppression of these traditions, along with state and political violence perpetuated against them.

Our next meeting is on “Reclaiming Radical” and it will be at 6pm in the Women’s Center on October 5. See you then! 🙂


If you want to learn more about the issues facing Native Americans and indigenous peoples today, here are some resources to check out:




  • nativeskins – “Native Blog by a Native Girl”
  • mycultureisnotatrend – “Hi, I’m a Native American, and I’m fed up with the appropriation of my culture by those desperate to be trendy, hip, ironic, etc.”
  • songandcrest – “Heritage is Imperative”

Articles and Books:


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