A Feminist’s Guide to Netflix

Happy Women’s History Month!!!  Netflix can be hard to navigate as a feminist, but have no fear, a list of feminist-friendly shows and films is here! **

American Horror Story: Coven


~~~The third season of FX’s horror anthology is more slick and stylistic than OITNB, but the main characters are also all female — with a variety of abilities, sizes, races, etc– with just a handful of men in supporting roles. These witches are powerful, sexually assertive and oftentimes sadistic — not stereotypical feminine qualities.

The Punk Singer (docu(wo)mentary)


~~~Filmmaker Sini Anderson (a womyn!) charts the life of feminist punk rocker Kathleen Hanna, who suddenly and mysteriously retired from the music scene in 2005.

Orange is the New Black… duh.

~~~Has there ever been a show with this many women in it? A show that has a ratio of female-to-male characters at about 10 to 1? That’s so comfortable showing female diversity, in looks, body size, race, age and sexual orientation?  It’s a must see.  Explores so many dimensions of women-hood.

The Invisible War (docu(wo)mentary)


~~~The Invisible War exposes a rape epidemic in the armed forces, investigating the institutions that perpetuate it as well as its personal consequences.

Nymphomaniac volumes 1&2


~~~Wow… so many feels about these movies.  It’s about a young (& later as an older) woman exploring her sexuality and problematic relationships.  ~trigger warning~ but definitely thought-provoking and a different way of exploring women’s sexuality.



~~~A powerful team of Washington, D.C. lawyers makes scandals disappear while handling government crises and coping with problems of their own.  Plus Kerry Washington is perfect.

Camp Takota

~~~Really cheesy… but cute wom-powered friendship!

Electrik Children

~~~An idealistic teen from a devout Mormon family believes that she’s been impregnated by listening to music and travels to Las Vegas to find the father.  Controversial and leaves you to conclude your own story.

After Tiller (docu(wo)mentary)


~~~This documentary paints a complex, compassionate portrait of the physicians who have become the new prime targets of the anti-abortion movement.  About a doctor who performs late-term abortions.  Very interesting and very controversial.

Blue is the Warmest Color

~~~Determined to fall in love, 15-year-old Adele is focused on boys. But it’s a blue-haired girl she meets on the street who really piques her interest.  A 3 hour French film was never so good.  It’s about love and loss and although problematic directing in some ways, still a beautiful film.

Breastmilk (docu(wo)mentary)

~~~This frank documentary weighs the questions, myths and societal pressures surrounding breastfeeding, an intimate topic at the heart of motherhood.

Advanced Style (docu(wo)mentary)


~~~This documentary profiles seven stylish New York City seniors who disprove the notion that advanced years and glamour are mutually exclusive.  One of my favorite documentaries about women and style and what it means to grow older in a youth culture.  There’s also a blog: http://www.advancedstyle.blogspot.com



~~~A german film that is about a young women’s exploration of her own sexuality and what that means in society.  Really different but really funny and great!

House of Cards

~~~Claire Underwood is a badass.

Miss Representation


~~~Explore how the mainstream media’s often disparaging portrayals of women contribute to the under-representation of females in positions of leadership.  A classic.

Parks and Recreation

~~~Ovaries before Brovaries + it’s hilarious.

30 Rock

~~~Tiny Fey rocking it in a professional patriarchal culture.



~~~Lucy Lui and trans-actress playing a trans-character (AWESOME)

It’s a Girl (docu(wo)mentary)

~~~This grave documentary spotlights the cultural traditions that surround widespread female “gendercide” and violence toward women in India and China.

Dark Girls  (docu(wo)mentary)


~~~This fascinating and controversial film that goes underneath the surface to explore the prejudices dark-skinned women face throughout the world. It explores the roots of classism, racism and the lack of self-esteem within a segment of cultures.

Bhutto (docu(wo)mentary)

~~~This documentary examines the life of Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, whose assassination sent her nation’s political system into a tailspin.


**This list was complied by Mizzou’s Feminist Student Union executive board.  It does not represent the views of feminism as a whole or is Mizzou affiliated.  Feel free to let us know what else to add!**


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