Feminism in the Community 9/23/14

Wow! What a great turnout! Ellie and I worked hard for quite awhile to find organizations that you all might be interested in, and I’m so grateful to everyone who came to the meeting and gave space for these wonderful people to share.

After everyone gave their presentation, we shared a lot of ideas and businesses that we could support who are woman run. Some extras include Main Squeeze, Maude, The French Laundry and Alterations, and Gunter Hans.

If you have any more projects, businesses or artists that you know of or anything you’d think us feminists would enjoy, you are always free to email us at mizzoufsu@gmail.com or come talk to us about sharing at a meeting. We are always open to people’s ideas and will be willing to listen to whatever you got.

I’m sharing a link to our powerpoint so if you wanted to get in contact with anyone but didn’t get a chance to jot down their contact info, you can find it here.

Come by next week to hear about our Love Your Body meeting, where we talk about body positivity politics, and we’ll be at a zine making table at the Love Your Body Fair next Wednesday from 11-2pm.

In feminism,



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