Feminist Inspirations and Activism Meeting (9/16/14)


Hey fierce feminists!

Last weeks meeting was truly inspirational. Chi and Shannon lead a great presentation about what our feminist inspirations were and how to put those inspirations to work in your everyday life. We discussed in small groups about what inspired us to be a feminist, or what were some people, books, movies, or songs that did. Tumblr was mentioned as a great source to get diverse information about feminism. Singers MIA and Beyonce were mentioned. Shannon revealed that former exec member Kat Seal was her feminist inspiration. Chi talked about India’s badass Pink Vigilantes. Everyone realized that feminist inspirations can take many forms, and it’s individual what someone sees as inspiration-worthy.

The badass women of the Pink Vigilantes.

The badass women of the Pink Vigilantes.

Afterward the discussion turned to everyday activism, seemingly small acts that can make a huge difference in a person’s perception. On an individual level, we can stay educated on feminist issues important to us, and in turn educate those around us. Accepting privilege is another good place to start, and is necessary when talking about issues outside your lived experiences. Also interrupting problematic language can be powerful. It’s nearly impossible to stop everyone from using every problematic word, but pick a term or two and try to stop using it. Then encourage the people around you to do the same. Some examples are saying “Stop being a pussy”  or using the term crazy to describe something. Online activism was also discussed, like using campaign hashtags like #YesAllWomen or #WhyIStayed. Making use of Green Dot, a bystander intervention program that interrupts problematic situations is way to help and thankfully Mizzou has a lot of resources about using Green Dot.


When it comes down to it, any action that you decide to take that supports women is feminist activism. Some great options were discussed at the meeting, but like inspirations activism is personal and comes in many forms. So go out there and make the world a more feminist place!


PS Don’t forget to come to the Feminism in Community Meeting tomorrow! We have speakers from all over the community coming to share how you can spread your feminism to the community level. See you there!


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