Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, ridicule of a survivor

Picture of Jada holding a white board with #IAMJADA in black and a fist raised

This is Jada. She’s sixteen years old and she lives in Houston. She was drugged and raped at a party. Not only was this horrible violation caused by people that she thought she could trust, those people then photographed her naked and unconscious on the floor and posted it to the internet.

 When people saw these photos instead of being horrified and informing authorities, they posed themselves on the ground as Jada was in her unconscious state and posted them on twitter with the hashtag #jadapose , mocking her assault.

The rape and ridicule of teenage victims is sadly not new to us. We talked to you in the past when Steubenville happened and asked you to get #JusticeforDaisy with us (a case which occured very close to home). Justice rarely happens in these cases and rapists are rarely prosecuted. According to RAINN only 3% of rapists will ever serve a day in prison and many rapists who do serve time are given minimal sentences.

We may not be able to directly affect the outcomes of cases and get criminal justice for these women and girls, but we can affect the culture.

So please post! Tweet with the hashtag #JusticeforJada, take back #jadapose with an empowering image of yourself in Jada’s pose above, make #IAmJada go viral. Most importantly though is to talk to your friends about Jada. Call out those you see on social media mocking her.

Rape is never funny. The fact that people would ever turn the worst moment in someone’s life into a meme shows how little compassion we have for one another.

Please stand with Jada and with all victims.

Remember to believe victims, support them in whatever way they choose is best for them and call out rape culture and victim blaming wherever you see it.

Also watch Jada speak here

Picture from @RonanDaily on twitter


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