Naomi Daugherty: A Black Woman Poet Who Rocks

Women’s History Month is not only about honoring the courageous women of the past, but also about celebrating the amazing work that women are doing RIGHT NOW on this campus, in our community, and around the world. 

Naomi Daugherty

FSU member Naomi Daugherty is a young poet and activist from Chicago who believes that courageous conversation leads to effective understanding. She is currently the Executive Director and Founder of SPEAK Community Theater, a mentorship organization that prompts youth to use the creative arts as an instrument for social change. 

Some of you may have heard Naomi perform at Women’s Poetry Night earlier in the month, and she was just honored as the “M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Woman”  at this year’s Black Women Rock! Award Show (which you can watch in its entirety here).

We are constantly amazed and inspired by the impact Naomi has on every person that she meets, and also by her incredible poetry! So, here is the text of her highly demanded and celebrated poem “My Vagina.”

My vagina is a vessel
she’s got a mind, a free spirit, a story to tell–

My Vagina ain’t no shell, she’s a masterpiece
something to stare at in awe
she’s lovely (sometimes fussy)
my vagina needs air,
doesn’t take to kindly to lies–

She likes eyes that stare politely
a lot.

My Vagina likes to dance, feel fun,
she’s enjoys commitment.

My Vagina can hold on,
(maybe a little bit too long)
She’s confident.
Doesn’t like to be spread, bent, or torn.

My Vagina likes genuine exploration
sweetened, hard, strides,
and rhythm.

She enjoys a good tune or two.
She’s excited by realness,
she’s comfort and true.
Energy and new life.

My Vagina dances and twirls
triumphantly blooms
she’s as complex as the world
an experience too.

a bed trimmed with roses
the heat of a fire
the cool of the storm
a rainbow

My Vagina is Magnificent.
And She is Mind.

My Vagina is not a battlefield, or a soft cry
nor a tool for you.
My Vagina is certainly not to be treated like no fool,
but as a melody, that I rhyme too.

My Vagina was simply not created for you.

And those 8,000 nerve endings
located down between my thighs
were created exclusively, for me.

And sometimes, on a good day
I share Her and them, with you.

Pretty fantastic, huh? Next time you see Naomi on campus, tell her how great she is! You can also show support by purchasing a SPEAK Community Theater T-Shirt to help her raise the $700 she needs to get to Clinton Global Initiative University for a conference.  More information here.

FSU members at the Black Women Rock! Award Show —March 8, 2014.

What women inspire YOU? Let us know by emailing And don’t forget to keep up with Women’s History Month Events!


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