Eating Disorder Awareness Week with Annie Seal

Hello fabulous feminists!

The semester is flying by, and in typical college fashion I have gotten a bit behind so today’s blog post is including last week’s meeting that I forgot to write about as well as this week’s meeting!

Here are some important upcoming events:

– Making Herstory – Wednesday @ 7:30 pm in the Women’s Center; presented by the Women’s Leadership Conference (you can still sign up for the WLC at, it’s Saturday, March 15th).

– Planned Parenthood Lobby Day is March 4th at the capitol.  There are currently 20+ bills restricting women’s reproductive choices in the Missouri legislator, and lobby day is a great way to get involved!  Sign up here: and email for any questions.

– True/False this weekend! Tickets for a few of the films are on sale now at the MSA/GPC box office in the student center for a reduced price, or you can go to for more info.

– Friday – Thank Goodness it’s True/False – bring your student ID (high school or college) and see a free True/False film as well as enjoy free food and workshops! 10 am – 5 pm at the Missouri Theater. Here is the Facebook event –

– Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 26th) at the J-School, the documentary Valentine Road will be showing @ 7 pm; the director of the film will be in the Women’s Center at noon to discuss the film.

Last week’s meeting (Tuesday, February 18th) was Feminism Speaks: Our Feminism, Our Stories.  Fellow Mizzou feminists were able to discuss the ups and downs of being a feminist in today’s culture through our own stories and experiences.  We broke into small groups of five so everyone would have an intimate setting to discuss different topics on feminism and everyday life.  It was a great experience and atmosphere; thank you to everyone who came, shared your stories, and listened to others!

This week for Eating Disorder Awareness Week we had our very own Kat Seal’s mom, Annie Seal, talk to us about Eating Disorders, and specifically the discrimination people with eating disorders face when dealing with treatment through insurance companies, and how she has worked to make effective policy change within the Missouri legislator.  Annie is a feminist, lobbyist, and advocate for eating disorder awareness.  She lobbies on her own dime (she doesn’t get paid to lobby) and is often times fighting against insurance lobbyists who are extremely difficult to get legislation pass because they are able to give money to legislators to implement policy in the insurance companies favor.  Through noticing families struggle with insurance companies denying their family members with eating disorders insurance coverage (and  comprehensive treatment), she became passionate about lobbying and working to change policies surrounding eating disorders and insurance companies.  Creating policy change around eating disorders is difficult because they are highly stigmatized, kept private, and predominately seen in adolescent women.  Annie has lobbied for effective change surrounding eating disorders and insurance providers for six years now and is finally seeing things get done to protect those with eating disorders from insurance companies.  Annie learned throughout this time how much an individual can impact the process and how much public policy matters.  To get involved visit or email Annie Seal at  They are having an advocacy day on March 26th at the capitol rotunda in Jefferson City at 10:30 am which will give you the opportunity to meet with Missouri legislators and have your voice heard.

For information on how to get help with an eating disorder here at Mizzou, visit

Thank you so much to everyone who continues to come to our meetings as well as anyone coming for the first time! It’s never too late to get involved with the Feminist Student Union! Next week’s meeting will be on Tuesday, March 4th at 6 pm in the Women’s Center, and we will be hosting Women’s Poetry Night; here is the Facebook event –  Hope to see everyone there!

In Feminism,




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