Hello again wonderful feminists!

This past Tuesday (February 11th), we had Struby Struble, coordinator of the Mizzou LGBTQ center, a Mizzou alum, a skier, and former semi-pro soccer player give a presentation on gender, sexuality, and sports culture in the mist of Michael Sam coming out and the Sochi Olympics!  Much of Struby’s feminism was built from her time playing sports.

We started off the meeting with some upcoming events:

-The Women’s Leadership Conference is Saturday, March 15th.  You can sign up at; registration is $15 before February 24th and $24 after.

-True/False film festival is right around the corner (February 27th – March 2nd)!  One of the films, Private Violence, follows the story of a domestic violence survivor, Deanna Walters, and the advocate working to give her justice, Kit Gruelle.  This film is T/F’s philanthropy, and all the money raised for the film goes straight to the subjects in the film!  Private Violence will be playing at Jesse Hall on Saturday, March 1st at 3 pm and Sunday, March 2nd at 12:30 pm.  You can buy tickets for the film at the MSA/GPC box office starting February 17th for a reduced price!  Here is the trailer for the film

Hopefully you all had the chance to making it to the MU Vagina Monologues this Saturday! The money raised for the event helps local organizations work to end violence against women, including True North, the LEAD institute, and Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking, as well as benefiting the global V-Day movement.

Finally! SPORTSBALLS presented by Struby!  She began by talking about Michael Sam, a former Mizzou football player (MVP and voted best defensive
player in the SEC) who recently came out as gay.  If he is drafted into the NFL, he would be the first ever out player in the NFL.  Mizzou’s reaction to the announcement was pleasantly supportive of Michael Sam.

Then Struby went on to talk about women’s sports and pointed out how you can’t talk about women’s sports without sexism.  Everything from sports commentary to sports magazines to how the uniforms are made show how prevalent sexism is in sports culture.  Struby posed the question “Am I an athlete or an object?” as well as the concept that women are used as a basis for being bad at sports, “You play like a girl!”

Struby’s presentation helped break down the stereotypes of gender and sexuality in sports culture as well as discuss the sexism that dominates it.  Thank you so much Struby for an educational and enlightening presentation!

Hope to see you all at our next meeting, Tuesday, February 18th at 6 pm in the Women’s Center – Feminism Speaks: Our Feminism, Our Stories (

In feminism,

Ellie Busch



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