Spectacular Second Meeting

How’s It going?

Well we had a great meeting this past Tuesday! We’ll tell you all about it:

  • We introduced our exec members again and reminded you where to contact us on social media
  • We talked about creating a safe space and created rules of engagement (do you have ideas about rules of engagement? If so please feel free to email us your ideas!)
  • Upcoming Events were talked about! Look at our calendar to learn all about it!
  • Want to be in a film? Attend informational meetings about the WE ARE HERE film project focused all on women! (Meeting times are September 12th at 5pm and September 13th at 3pm, both are in the Women’s Center)
  • Come craft with us! At a future meeting (TBD) we will have quilt squares that you can decorate for our FSU quilt. Tell us what feminism means to you!
  • Interested in Feminist Lit? Come join other members of FSU at our upcoming book club! (Details coming soon).
  • MARTHA STEVENS! The wonderful Martha Stevens came and taught us all about how you can get involved with Planned Parenthood and what they do to ensure women’s health is insured in Missouri and across the nation.

Also don’t forget to come next week to our new series BLACK FEMINISM SPEAKS! You can rsvp here at facebook.



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