Fantastic First Meeting

Hey All,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all so much for making our first meeting of the Fall 2013 semester so great. So many of you came out and supported the great work we hope to accomplish this semester!

For those of you who couldn’t make the meeting here’s the low down:

  • SNACKS! (The meet and greet portion of the meeting went so well with unicorn cookies and fantastic conversation)
  • Groovy Grrls Collective (Thank you so much to Groovy Grrls for coming to talk to us about their amazing work, make sure to like their page on facebook here.)
  • NOW Columbia Chapter (Thanks also to NOW for informing us about all of their upcoming events, their facebook is here and you should definitely like it too!)
  • FSU Introductions (We introduced officers, missions and goals for the semester. Look at our “About” page for all the info.)
  • Reproductive Freedom Fest (We will be hosting a week long festival dedicated to educating the campus and community about all the available reproductive choices and why it is so vital that everyone have access to every option)
  • T-Shirts! (Remember you must have your money, size and email in by this Wednesday at 5 to get yours)
  • Feminism 101 (A quick presentation about what feminism means to FSU and a great discussion by members about how to live a more feminist lifestyle! If you would like to see the presentation, please contact an officer for a copy)

Make sure to come back on the 10th to see the amazing Martha Stevens from Planned Parenthood and learn about health legislation and why it is so important!


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